Chairs & Lectureships
Mar 27

Venia Dimitrakopoulou
VENIA DIMITRAKOPOULOU (Greece b. 1965) Bas-relief of Eleftherios Venizelos 2001 [fired clay (38x30) © ACG Art Collection]


Chairs & Lectureships


The Eleftherios Venizelos Chair was established in 2003 in recognition of the Greek statesman's contribution to this country and his support to The American College of Greece in its relocation from Asia Minor to Greece, following the catastrophe of Smyrna. The primary goal of the chair is to focus research, debate and attention on the most important and interesting developments in Modern Greek history – a history in which Venizelos played a key role.

Eleftherios Venizelos Chair Holders

  • Andreas Andrianopoulos (2003-2004); MA, University of Kent; Diploma, University of Oslo; Diploma on Leadership, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University; Honorary PhD, School of Economics, University of Sofia; LL.D.,  DEREE – The American College of Greece. Former Member of the Greek Parliament as well as Minister in the Greek Government. Public Policy Fellow of the Woodrow Wilson Center. Director of the Institute of Diplomacy and Global Affairs, DEREE – The American College pf Greece.
  • Georgios Anagnostopoulos (2005-2006); PhD, Brandeis University. Professor of philosophy at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD).
  • Eleftheria Bernidaki - Aldous (2008-2009); MA, PhD, Johns Hopkins University. Professor of classical literature, DEREE – The American College of Greece. Former member of the Greek parliament.
  • Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith, CMG, KCVO (2009-2010); D.Phil., St. Antony's College, Oxford. Author and former ambassador.
  • Charles Stewart (2010-2011); D.Phil., Oxford University. Reader in Anthropology at University College London.
  • Alexander Kitroeff (2011-2012), Associate Professor, Department of History, Haverford College
  • André Gerolymatos, Ph.D. (2013-2014) Professor of History and Director of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Centre for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Holder of the Hellenic Canadian Congress of B.C. Chair for Hellenic Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Academic year 2011-2012 events

  • A one day conference entitled "History and Memory" which included a screening of Maria Iliou's documentary "Expulsion and Exchange of Populations (Turkey - Greece 1922-1924)" Tuesday, March 27, 2012, 7th Level Auditorium.
  • Lecture by Dr. Alexander Kitroeff on " "From Μπρούκληδες to Brooklynites-a Greek American History" November 15, 2011, 13:40-15:00
  • Documentary Screening: "The Journey: The Greek-American Dream". With a discussion led by historical consultant of the documentary and 6th Venizelos Chair Holder, Alexander Kitroeff and film director of the documentary Maria Iliou (PIERCE Alumna), November 18, 2011, 17:00.

Academic year 2010-2011 events

  • Lecture by Dr. Charles Stewart on: "Dreaming and Historical Consciousness in Island Greece", Oct. 21, 2010, 13:30-15:00. 
  • Lecture by Dr. Charles Stewart on: "Dreaming in a Time of Financial Crisis: Naxos, 1930"
  • A one day conference on: " Colonizing the Greek Mind? The Reception of Western Psychotherapeutics in Greece", May 17, 2011.

To download the volume “Colonizing the Greek Mind? The Reception of Western Psychotherapeutics in Greece” edited by Charles Stewart and published by DEREE – The American College of Greece in 2014
please click HERE.

Academic year 2009-2010 events

  • Lecture by Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith: "Dimitris Vikelas: Writer, Businessman, Olympic Visionary – A Man of Many Talents," October 29, 2009.
  • Lecture by Sir Michael Llewellyn-Smith: "Family, Personality, Charisma: The Case of Venizelos," December 1, 2009.
  • A one day conference on: "The Craft of Biography: Writing Greek Lives," March 11, 2010.

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Yannis Tsarouchis
YANNIS TSAROUCHIS (Greece 1910-1989) Mr. Friar 1946 [oil on canvas (42x33) © ACG Art Collection]

This Lectureship was inaugurated in 1992 in honor of the poet, anthologist and first major translator of Modern Greek poetry who made Modern Greek literature known abroad and opened up new prospects for its study outside Greece. Kimon Friar bequeathed part of his personal library and manuscripts to the College. The items are housed in the John S. Bailey Library. The annual lectureship has been granted to the following distinguished scholars and writers of Modern Greek literature:

1 1994 Roderick Beaton
Koraes Professor of Modern Greek and Byzantine History, Language and Literature and Head of the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies, King's College, University of London.
2 1995 Edmund Keeley
Charles Barnwell Straut Class of 1923 Professor of English, Emeritus, and Emeritus Professor of English and Creative Writing, Princeton University.
Translator of modern Greek poetry and novelist.
3 1996 Peter Bien
Frederick Sessions Beebe Professor in the Art of Writing at Dartmouth College and translator of modern Greek literature.
4 1997 Stratis Haviaras
Writer, editor and Curator of the George Edward Woodberry Poetry Room and Henry Weston Farnsworth Room at the Harvard College Library.
5 1998 Katerina Anghelaki-Rooke
Poet and translator of literature.
6 1999 Stavros Deligiorgis
Professor Emeritus at the University of Iowa.
Author of scholarly works, translator and editor.
7 2000 George Economou
Writer, scholar and translator.
8 2001 Patricia Willis
Former Curator of Marianne Moore's papers at the Rosenbach Museum & Library, Philadelphia. Elizabeth Wakeman Dwight Curator of American Literature at the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, Yale University. Author of works on M.  Moore.
9 2003 Langdon Hammer
Professor of English, Yale University.
Author of scholarly works.
10 2004 Greg Nagy
Francis Jones Professor of Classical Greek Literature and Professor of Comparative Literature, Harvard University.
Curator of the Milman Parry Collection of Oral Literature and Director of the Harvard Center for Hellenic Studies in Washington, D.C.
Author of scholarly works.
11 2006 Karen Van Dyck
Doukas Chair, Professor, Program in Hellenic Studies, Classics Department, Columbia University.
Translator of Modern Greek literature and author of scholarly books.
12 2007 Dimitris Tziovas
Professor of Modern Greek Studies and Director of the Center for Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham.
Author of scholarly works.
13 2008 Vassilis Lambropoulos
C.P. Cavafy Professor of Modern Greek, Departments of Classical Studies and Comparative Literature, University of Michigan.
Author of scholarly works.
14 2009 Michael Hertzfeld
Professor of Anthropology and Curator of European Ethnology in the Peabody Museum, Harvard University.
Author of scholarly works.
15 2010 Molly Greene
Professor of History and Hellenic Studies at Princeton University.
Author of scholarly works.
16 2011 Barry Unsworth
Author of 17 novels, among them "Mooncranker's Gift", which won the Heinemann Award for 1973, and "Sacred Hunger", which was joint winner of the 1992 Booker Prize. "Pascali's Island" (1980) and "Morality Play" (1995) were shortlisted for the same prize.
17 2012 David Ricks, Professor of Modern Greek and Comparative Literature at King's College London and a Fellow of the College. Author of scholarly works, translator and poet.
18 2013 Mark Mazower
Historian and author. Ira D.Wallach professor of history at Columbia University and director of the Heyman Center for the Humanities. He comments on current affairs for the Financial Times, The Guardian and other newspapers.
19 2013 Anne Carson
Poet, classicist, translator, academic. Teaches Creative Writing at New York University. Recepient of many awards and prizes including the T.S. Eliot Prize, the Griffin Prize and the McArthur Fellowship.
20 2014 Barry Strauss
Military historian, classicist and author. Bryce and Edith M. Bowmar Professor in Humanistic Studies and Chair of the Department of History at Cornell. His books have been translated into ten languages.

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