Center of Excellence for Sustainability
Oct 24

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The Center of Excellence for Sustainability was officially established in the fall of 2011 and reflects the aspiration of the American College of Greece to become a “green” campus.

The mission of the Center of Excellence for Sustainability (CES) is to create a culture of sustainability on campus and to make the College a sustainable learning community.

The Center aims to: scientifically support and coordinate sustainability initiatives on campus; build bridges between educational activities on the one hand and sustainable operations initiatives on campus on the other, promoting experiential learning; facilitate collaboration between disciplines and between faculty, staff and students; promote environmental awareness on campus; promote sustainability research; and, connect and collaborate with other social actors in order to promote sustainable practices.

For more information: Tel. +30 210 600 9800, ext. 1219 or send us an e-mail @ Center of Excellence for Sustainability.