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DEREE – AKADIMIA 2008 = 64 – 39 (Wednesday, February 14, 2018)


Our team continued performing in high standards and added another big win against a very good opponent in last Wednesday’s game. This was the 18th day of the ESKA-C’2 championship and our team is now in 5th place with an 11-7 record, while our opponents are in fourth with 12-6. Hard work always pays off and this is particularly true for the Deree Women’s Basketball!

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Opening Event of the Simulated Trading Room

On Monday, February 12, more than 150 distinguished guests and journalists had the opportunity to attend the official opening of the Simulated Trading Room (STR), first of its kind in Southeastern Europe. Among the attendees were government officials, prominent professionals from the world of business and finance, as well as distinguished individuals from the ACG community. Guests gathered at the Deree Student Lounge where honorary speakers U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Geoffrey R. Pyatt, President David Horner, and Dean of the School of Business, Dr. Annie Triantafillou discussed the benefits that the STR offers to ACG students. President Horner addressed the opening remarks and stated “Our goal is to channel resources into Greece to make a difference and STR is one of our prime steps into achieving it,” before introducing the U.S. Ambassador to the audience. “The trading room will serve as a laboratory and classroom providing a unique experience to students that they can use when they begin searching for jobs in financial services or banking” said Ambassador Pyatt for the opportunities students will receive through the STR, a project funded by USAID and supported by the National Bank of Greece. The Simulated Trading Room replicates a real-world trading experience providing students with unique hands-on training in Greece, a competitive edge in the domestic and international job market in challenging times. The STR includes some of the latest and most established software and equipment found in trading floors around the world, making financial markets easily accessible by ACG students and graduates. Dean Triantafillou referred to the road-so-far and to the process of bringing an educational dream to life, before inviting guests to an up-and-close look into the STR and its capabilities.

The event was covered by multiple media channels, including an Ant1 TV special.

A cocktail reception followed.

The ceremony was coordinated and organized by the ACG Marketing and Communication Office.

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U.S. Ambassador to Greece, Geoffrey R. Pyatt, visits Deree – The American College of Greece

To discuss “The Ongoing Cooperation between the United States and Greece at an Economic, Trade and Security Level”

On Tuesday, February 6, Deree and Pierce students had the opportunity to engage in a discussion with the U.S. Ambassador to the Hellenic Republic, Mr. Geoffrey R. Pyatt. More than 100 students, faculty and staff gathered at the Upper Level of the John S. Bailey Library to hear the U.S. Ambassador speak about the bilateral relations between Greece and the United States on matters of economy, trade, and security. President Horner addressed the opening remarks and described ACG’s relationship with the U.S. Embassy in Athens as “Our no. 1 institution relationship” before introducing the Ambassador to the audience. “In many ways we are going through one of the most promising phases of U.S.-Greece relations in a very long time” said Ambassador Pyatt on an optimistic note. Commenting on Greece’s great current investment opportunities, the Ambassador stressed the country’s enormous potential in the areas of renewable energy, logistics, digitization, and human capital.

In the discussion that followed students asked questions on a variety of topics, including investment opportunities post-crisis, Greece’s relations with Turkey and the neighboring countries, the role of the Greek-American Diaspora, and Greece’s presence as a force of stability and security in the Eastern Mediterranean region.

The discussion was moderated by Claudia Carydis, Vice President for Public Affairs, and was organized in collaboration with the School of Business, the School of Liberal Arts and Sciences, the International Honors Society, the Investment Club and the Accounting and Finance Society.