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3 for 3 – 3 games / 3 wins

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This weekend featured some great games for our teams, bringing home important victories in their Championships thus far.

On Saturday, our Men’s Basketball Team beat Toxotis Pefkis 57-54.

On Sunday, the Men’s Soccer Team played a game against A Team and added another victory to their season thus far, ending the game with a score of 6-1.

The Men’s Water Polo Team also played a friendly match on Sunday against GS Peristeriou, allowing all players to gain experience and work on their offensive skills. The game ended in a 16-14 win for Deree.

Well Done to All Teams!

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Women’s Soccer – Deree vs ACS (0-2)


The Women’s Soccer Team played a friendly match yesterday against ACS, giving all players the chance to gain experience and work on their team chemistry. Though the game ended 2-0 for ACS, it was a valuable event, allowing for good practice and providing opportunities for improvement.

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Two Loses for our Women’s Volleyball and Basketball Teams

The Women’s Volleyball team were unable to beat the leaders of the Championship thus far, Enosi Virona in Monday’s match. The game ended in a 3-0 loss for our team but the girls are ready to work hard this week and prepare for their upcoming match!

The Women’s Basketball team played a tough match last night against Pao Doxa Vironos but were unable to beat the experienced opponents who also had the home court advantage. The game ended with a score of 49-35. Next Game Team!

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Lydia Spassof, October 18 – 24, 2016

Women’s Volleyball


In the premier game of the season, Lydia helped her team bring home their first win by delivering difficult serves, blocking the opponents and by bringing energy to her offensive plays. The team has gotten the B’ National Division Championship off to a great start with teamwork and a positive spirit!

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Women’s Volleyball – GS Kerateas vs Deree (0-3)


The Women’s Volleyball team played the opening game of the championship last night against GS Kerateas and brought home their first win in the B Ethniki Category! Despite the absence of injured players, the match which ended in a 3-0 victory, showed that team spirit and positive energy go a long way!

Great Job Ladies!

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Panel Discussion on TTIP Negotiations Featured on KATHIMERINI

On Thursday, September 22, the International Business Department of the Deree School of Business, in collaboration with the German political foundation and think-tank Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), held an event to foster the critical examination, analysis, and discussion of the infamous TTIP negotiations.

The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a trade agreement that the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) have been negotiating since 2013. Several aspects of TTIP are highly technical, some are very sensitive for specific industries affected by the agreement such as agriculture, while others have already been taken off the negotiating table. As a result, TTIP negotiations have become the source of criticism and debate amongst diverse stakeholders.

In late August 2016, Germany and France expressed their doubts as to the timing of the negotiation and the prospect of its successful conclusion. In this context, the panel discussion held on campus addressed a series of questions related to TTIP content, state of the negotiations, meaning for international trade and implications for the EU.


  • Dr. Galina Kolev, Head of the Research Group Macroeconomic Analysis and Forecast at the Cologne Institute for Economic Research
  • Dr. Anna Visvizi, Assistant Professor, International Business Department
  • Dr. Dimitris Doulos, Associate Professor, Economics Department


  • Katerina Kapernarakou, KATHIMERINI

The event was covered by KATHIMERINI newspaper and you can find the full article (in Greek) here.


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Deree ’16 Graduates on

Antonis Kalogeropoulos, Nick Patronis, and Eleni Pentafragka graduated in June 2016, having taken full advantage of all they were offered at Deree. They recently talked to CNN Greece about how their time here helped them in their transformation from students to professionals. From team sports and student life, to group projects and internships, find out what skills they gained through their experiences!

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