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BSc (Hons) in Environmental Studies

Deree – The American College of Greece is the first independent educational institution in Greece to introduce an Environmental Studies program (Major and Minor). Launched in fall 2010, the program aims to develop students’ understanding of the root causes and multiple dimensions of environmental problems (ecological, social, economic and political) as well as options for effectively addressing these problems in an increasingly complex world.

Orientation Days

During orientation, incoming students are informed about the commitment of the American College of Greece to become a sustainable community, the Center of Excellence for Sustainability, and sustainability initiatives on campus, in the context of the orientation tours student ambassadors lead.


Green Roof Course

Green roofs are becoming increasingly more prevalent around the world, as well as in Greece, helping mitigate a wide range of urban problems, including: flooding, energy conservation, bio-diversity conservation and restoration, and urban pollution. Currently, there is a lack of skilled installation technicians and supervisors in the employment market, so the Green Roof Course offered by ACG aims to address this problem by equipping each participant with the necessary practical skills.

Course Description

The ACG Green Roof Course is a short and intensive vocational course that helps participants develop the practical skills needed to install and maintain a green roof. All aspects of green roof installation are covered, including: health and safety, waterproofing, water drainage and water storage, substrates, plants, and irrigation. Reference is made to the history of green roofing, both locally and internationally, along with the benefits of green roofs. The different types of green roofs are discussed, comparing the suitability of each for the local climate and architecture. This course focuses on green roofs in the Mediterranean region.


The Green Roof Course was first developed and offered in 2012-13 (academic year) in the context of a project funded by the European Leonardo – Transfer of Innovation funding instrument. Since then, ACG has continued to provide the course with its own resources, and continues to be with free admission. So far, 5 Green Roof Courses have been offered, with a total of 56 people having completed the course. A certificate of attendance is awarded upon completion, depending on attendance and acquisition of course learning outcomes.


May 2017
Total hours to complete the course: 20


May 16–18 15:00 – 19:00
May 19 15:00 – 18:00
May 20 10:00 – 15:00

Learn how to install and maintain green roofs! Growing Green Skills

Organized by:
Center of Excellence for Sustainability at the Office of Public Affairs – The American College of Greece, Oikosteges

Developed by: Central College Nottingham, Zurich University of Applied Sciences, The European Federation of Green Roof Associations, OnSite Training UK, The Swedish Green Roof Association, Deep Forest Hungary, and Oikosteges.

Donation by:
GREEN Energy Supplier

Free admission
*Accreditation of the course is optional

Contact information:
Center of Excellence for Sustainability, 210 6009800, ext. 1219,
Facebook: ACG-Center of Excellence for Sustainability or Green Roof Course