Student Achievements & Success

Student Retention

The American College of Greece pays close attention to student success and the smooth progression of students from admission to graduation. One of the important indicators of student success is retention, and the college mounts intensive retention efforts year-round at the individual student level.
The goal of the Office of Retention is to help students stay in college and realize their full potential, while taking advantage of all the opportunities open to ACG students. This effort translates to a healthy rate of retention.

  • The first-to-second year student retention rate in Fall 2015 stood at 83.4%
  • The Spring 2015 to Fall 2015 retention rate stood at 91.5%

Graduation Rate

The American College of Greece six-year graduation rate for the 2008 cohort is 60.41%.

Employment Rate of Recent Graduates

Class of 2014

A survey was administered in January-February 2015 or six months after the 2014 graduation. 73% of the graduates participated. Results showed the following:

  • 65% are employed – Working & Military. Working: 54%, Military: 11%
  • 14% are pursuing additional studies. 11.5% pursuing Graduate Studies
  • 17.5% are not working and looking for a job
  • 3.5% other

Class 2013

  • 69% were employed – Working & Military. Working: 56%, Military: 13%
  • 18% pursued additional studies. 11% pursued Graduate Studies
  • 12% were not working and looking for a job
  • 1% other