Event Summaries 2017-2018

November 20, 2017
“Euro Area Crisis: The Case of Greece and the Role of the International Monetary Fund (IMF)”
Dr. Miranda Xafa
CEO, EF Consulting Ltd

November 23, 2017
“In the light of developments in Catalonia: The Return of the Perspective of the City- State”
Dr. Andreas Andrianopoulos
Director, Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs, The American College of Greece

November 2, 2017
“The class struggle, demagogues and overtaxation in Ancient Greece”
Petros Doukas
President, Capital Partners S.A. and Former Deputy Minister of Finance

October 26, 2017
“When justice is not blind Cases of interventions in the administration of justice”
Dionyssis Goussetis, Columnist, KATHIMERINI Νewspaper

October 5, 2017
“Whistleblowers: Their contribution to financial integrity”
Dr. Maria Stylianidou
Member of the Board of Directors of Hellenic Single Public Procurement Authority (HSPPA)

October 12, 2017
“Some thought on how the Greek economy can become competitive”
Stefanos Manos
Former Minister